Saadat Nasajan Yazd Company was established in 1947 adjacent to historical texture and the small fabric weaving workshops of Yazd City and it was duly registered before Yazd Corporations Registration Dept, under No.73 on Feb.6.1947. In 1955 its first unit (spinning) was operated. Gradually the machinery of the other parts (weaving and finishing) were utilized. As of 2003 the project for amendment of company structure and execution of development plan was started and by allocation of suitable land and execution of necessary constructions, purchase of machinery for the said project was executed and operated accordingly. At present it is under manufacturing and is doing economic business very determinant by Babakan Group.

The company spinning unit has potential to manufacture various cotton yarns and artificial fibers at the same time. The advantage of the company spinning is simultaneous manufacturing various delicate yarns grades 30, 32, 36, 40 , cotton, polyester, viscose, 100% viscose , 100% polyester and cotton polyester.
During manufacturing years always the high quality fibers have been used such as Uzbekistan cotton, high quality imported polyester and viscose like Havis of Korea, Oslen of Korea, Lensing of Indonesia and FCFC of Taiwan and by taking advantage of good machinery and suitable raw materials and efficient human resources, much yarns with high quality have been manufactured so that at present, the company is recognized as one of the best manufacturers in Iran with high quality products. Some of the manufacturing yarns are used for weaving consumption and some are sold.